In Latin, the adjective tenax stands for tenacious, steadfast and persistent. These are the qualities we embody at Tenax Strategies every day. We help solve problems and find success, often in complex and difficult to navigate situations.

We’ve battled to protect clean drinking water through investing in our water infrastructure, worked with local communities to site responsible and impactful businesses, fought for better health care access, created level playing fields for businesses and advocated for improved services for stroke patients.

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We work tirelessly to advocate for veterans, truckers, firefighters and first responders, public utility contractors, health care professionals, small business owners, Fortune 500 companies and others seeking to navigate local, state or federal government.

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We are a leader in emerging marketplaces, including the exploding cannabis industry, helping companies’ partner with communities to participate in exciting and growing new economies.

We create effective campaigns. We educate and rally lawmakers, policymakers and stakeholders to create and support sound and effective public policy. We are experts at finding paths to success for a wide variety of clients in highly-regulated industries. We not only tackle the various challenges facing our clients but, we embrace them.

We are a firm of lobbying and public affairs professionals committed to finding solutions to complex issues. We are competitive and focused on finding paths to victory for our partners.

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We are driven. We are dedicated. We are determined.

We are Tenax Strategies.

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Our lobbyists have secured victories at every level of government and are experts at crafting smart strategies, aligning interests with the right policymakers and managing an effective and winning campaign. Tenax Strategies has the experience, knowledge and relationships to succeed and can develop the right plan to meet your organization’s goals.

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We are experts at navigating the state regulatory system and have the experience, relationships and leadership skills to achieve project goals in even the most complex scenario. We have a long track record of working with state boards in heavily-regulated industries to ensure new laws and rules are applied fairly and can craft a winning strategy to meet your objectives.

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Working with city and town governments to draft plans that benefit all stakeholders is essential to success in today’s highly-regulated business climate. With Tenax Strategies on your team, you’ll have passionate and articulate advocates who will find the right strategy to make profitable projects work in even the most challenging situations.

Our Team

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Jacob Hicks

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Aimee Manzoni-D’Arpino