In Latin, the adjective tenax stands for tenacious, steadfast and persistent. These are the qualities we embody at Tenax Strategies every day. We help solve problems and find success, often in complex and difficult to navigate situations.

We’ve battled to protect clean drinking water through investing in our water infrastructure, worked with local communities to site responsible and impactful businesses, fought for better health care access, created level playing fields for businesses and advocated for improved services for stroke patients.

Water pouring from a faucet into a glass

We work tirelessly to advocate for veterans, truckers, firefighters and first responders, public utility contractors, health care professionals, small business owners, Fortune 500 companies and others seeking to navigate local, state or federal government.

Cannabis being cut

We are a leader in emerging marketplaces, including the exploding cannabis industry, helping companies’ partner with communities to participate in exciting and growing new economies.